Sunday, August 1, 2010

Encourage yourself

I just finished listening to the song "Encourage yourself" simple words. "Sometimes you have to encourage yourself and speak victory during your test" Wow! Once again powerful words to put into the atomsphere about YOU. Of course,we are going through something. Our situation could make us feel depressed, lonely, unappreciated and the list could go on.

But we all know that doubt and fear starts in our own minds. We don't need anyone to tell us we can't do something. At some point we tell ourselves we can't do it. As babies we believe we can do all things. We actually have to be told not to jump off the bed. Where does fear come into our lives? At the age of 2,5,10? We try just about anything when we are at the age of 2. Just sit and watch a two year old one day and see what he/she gets into. We call it the terrible two's.

Once we start to think in our heads we can not attain something we tend to let it go. It's easier to not do, so we don't feel like a failure. Whatever happended to Encouraging yourself! We can't afford for anyone to encourage us. The small voice we hear in our heads can be harmful to our minds and also to the future of our dreams or goals.

So on this day I say to you "Love and Encourage yourself in your situation" He's sees our victories so why can't YOU!

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  1. I think we all need to be reminded of this. We talked about something very similar on our call today. Thanks for sharing this Denise.