Monday, August 30, 2010

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? I ask myself the same question? I have written down goals that have been on paper for the past five years. It's time! Have you ever seen an agenda and at the bottom you see new business and unfinished business? Let's begin together and complete the unfinished business. Time is still moving, get excited about what you want to complete, read about it, surround yourself around people who are moving and not standing still on their dreams and goals.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Peace in the Valley

Keep on praying, keep on trusting, keep on believing while you are going through your valley experience. Depression, fear, confusion, divison and YOU must get out the way. While going through your valley experience there will be times when you feel this is it, I can't take it anymore. Let us not go weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.(Galatians 6:9)See once again we start thinking about our situation we tend to take it to the extreme causing us to feel weary. But God! He's right there, right now, and He never left, you did. Don't let the valley take you out.

We must allow the anointing to fall on us in our valley experience. How will we ever experience God's peace if we don't allow Him to be apart of our everyday life? Yes He is God and He will give you the peace that you need in your situation. But you must seek Him FIRST. Don't go to a friend, husband, wife, mother, father, etc. He wants you to come to Him first always. He will heal your sickness, comfort your heart and protect your mind from evil.

I will keep praying, trusting, and believing in God during my valley experience. Allow your valley experience to become our Victory foundation.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I couldn't decided what to talk about this week. The one thing that came to mind was protection. I thought about protection because our hearts are very fragile. At some point in our lives we have been heart broken before. It may be from the death of a loved one, a relationship, or untold depression. I also thought about protection over our minds since that's where the enemy attacks first.

We must pray for protection over our hearts and minds. Don't allow negative thoughts to start and dictate your day. If you feel like you just can't help it. Start praying right away, don't allow the enemy to have your mind this week!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Encourage Yourself - Donald Lawrence

Encourage yourself

I just finished listening to the song "Encourage yourself" simple words. "Sometimes you have to encourage yourself and speak victory during your test" Wow! Once again powerful words to put into the atomsphere about YOU. Of course,we are going through something. Our situation could make us feel depressed, lonely, unappreciated and the list could go on.

But we all know that doubt and fear starts in our own minds. We don't need anyone to tell us we can't do something. At some point we tell ourselves we can't do it. As babies we believe we can do all things. We actually have to be told not to jump off the bed. Where does fear come into our lives? At the age of 2,5,10? We try just about anything when we are at the age of 2. Just sit and watch a two year old one day and see what he/she gets into. We call it the terrible two's.

Once we start to think in our heads we can not attain something we tend to let it go. It's easier to not do, so we don't feel like a failure. Whatever happended to Encouraging yourself! We can't afford for anyone to encourage us. The small voice we hear in our heads can be harmful to our minds and also to the future of our dreams or goals.

So on this day I say to you "Love and Encourage yourself in your situation" He's sees our victories so why can't YOU!