Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Black Skin

I was inspired to write this poem after reading an article that was written by Jada Pickett-Smith. She talked about our skin. Here's the piece....

This skin has been talked about, wrote about,
stared at, preached at, hit on, spit on,
shot down, put down and kicked around
even to this day

And yet we still stand strong to excel
to the highest level of excellence
We strive to be our own voice because
most of the time we have no choice

Therefore we can't be afraid of our own
black skin

To some this may put you in position
to sit and listen

The struggles of our past shame won't
help us in this game. Treating our
sisters with hatred in the eyes, women
you know we know our own kind

Envy of each other, won't admit jealously
of each other.

We can't be afraid of our own black skin

Why can't we walk down the street and
give the head nod like the guys do?
Instead we walk down the street and act
as if we hate each other, no love for
one another.

Don't let the drug dealers sell you no weed
No, I'm not speaking of the stuff you smoke
I'm speaking of the things that allow you to
kill your self-esteem. Words! Powerful as they
may be, we must understand that when we speak
negative things we might as well welcome
negative things.

Stop with the words being so vertical and let's
try to be horizontal and expand your mind. No, your
not out of time. Your diploma is waiting, your
college degree is waiting, your new business is
waiting and many opportunities are waiting just
for you.

So don't be afraid of your own black skin....