Monday, July 19, 2010


Who and what do you depend on? Food to keep you from becoming hungry?
Water to keep you from being dehydrated on the hot summer days?
A paycheck for completing a week's worth of work? A house for shelter?

The few items mentioned above we believe they are needed to survive. You
are absolutely correct we do need them. But where does it come from?
Some would say food comes from the store, while others would say from a farm. In the Bible it says "God created Heaven and Earth" We receive access to water in our homes (our shelter) for free, our paycheck is like clock work every week. The home in which we live in provides a covering for you and me.

Man may assist receiving such items but ultimately our Father in Heaven supplies all of our needs.

So in simple words "Don't put yourself in position to depend on man and not depend on God"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wondering Why?

I see children with no supervision
I see innocent victim's being shoot everyday
I see families going through tough financial times
I see animals being abused

Wondering Why?

I see racism still being displayed
I see the drug dealers continue to sell no matter the cost
I see crime reach higher rates as the whether gets warmer
I see politicians stealing

Wondering Why?

I see the crisis in Haiti
I see people leaving their spouses
I see artist not wanting to sing
I see more men walking around with their pants to their knees

Wondering Why?

Monday, July 5, 2010

Build your fortress around you

I attended Bible class last week Wednesday and topic of discussion was Delight or Delusion? It was very interesting and here are some of the points that stuck with me which I hope helps you.

You know how you can read articles or even see on t.v. how this product promises you that it can help you loose 7lbs in five days. Someone may even paint you a picture of a perfect opportunity and it may only benefit them. We must really look and see if this is just a way to lure you into providing some type of satisfaction for their own purposes. Watch out for the promises MAN will try to give you.

So now that we know that we can be placed in a situation where someone or something can give us a delusion. What do you do? Take note and start to build your fortress. Make sure that you are in position to be ready for any delusions in your life.

You have been placed on a solid foundation to withstand anything. You chest/heart is protected with your shield of faith, make sure your helmet is placed on tight because satan loves to get in your head. Pull out your sword (Bible) and cut them in half with your favorite scriptures. Pastor Munsey then went on to say, "If you notice my back is not protected, that's because God never intended for you to turn around to your past" The Bible say's Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. So you don't have to worry about your back because the angels of heaven are flying behind you for protection.

So build your fortress with prayer keep the lines of communication open!